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Sports Service
Sports Service

Sports Service

  • Winter Sports
  • Basketball 
  • Football
  • Beach volleyball
  • Badminton and professional tennis
  • Table Tennis /ping pong/
  • Mountain Bike
  • Morning Yoga by the river
  • Chess and Draughts play


We are aiming to enable overseas and domestic visitors to feel the spirit and soul of nature, and to plant, cultivate and arrange trees, while developing a complete package of protecting one’s own nature, providing with important information regarding ecosystem and delivering such information to the public in a consistent and effective manner.

We prioritize giving safety instructions for each and every service provided by us; therefore, ensure safety and reliability with proper guidance. You are advised to experience a variety of things, including but not limited to, recreations and tours characterized by a complete program focused on promoting and introducing beautiful environment, unique traditions and nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia.

Note: Our resort is able to provide with portable eco-friendly toilet and shower /with hot water/ for any short and long trips/tours we are organizing.
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